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To Draw the Curtain of PHNIX Tech-Training in UK

LONDON, England - PHNIX recently concluded the UK annual customer visiting and technical training events. The activity of the United Kingdom are an important part of the whole European annual customer visiting and technical training, according to PHNIX executive in charge of the UK business.
-The picture shows the training site.
Britain is one of the most important markets of PHNIX swimming pool heat pumps and heat pumps for house heating. But at this time, the agents who received technical training are mainly cooperation partners purchasing PHNIX house heating heat pumps.  PHNIX team worked in technical training, and at the same time, visited some local contractors and users with the local dealers. By the day before the event ends, PHNIX team went to Oxford City doing the maintenance of heat pump for a user. is told that after the UK’s customer visiting and technical training, PHNIX team will travel to northern Europe, and the Nordic events will be PHNIX final leg of the entire European customer visiting and technical training.
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