Heat Pump Knowledge

Why Choose PHNIX Heat Pumps?


To distinguish the quality of heat pump good or bad confuse most common users. And why I recommend PHNIX heat pump for you? I will give you an analysis below.


As we all know, compressors are the heart of the heat pumps. PHNIX uses the famous brand of compressor, like Matsushita, Panasonic and Copeland, because these high quality compressors improve the heat pump efficiency as well as protect them from high temperature and high current damage. Compared with others, they are more stable and safe.

Heat exchangers

The PHNIX patented heat exchangers are designed with double coil design, which water flows inside the coil and refrigerant runs outside the coil. And their strong countercurrent design are helpful for improving the efficiency and not easy to freeze and scaling for the heat pumps.

Temperature sensors

The temperature sensors detect the ambient temperature correctly, and transfer the information to the controllers accurately.


When the temperature sensor detect the ambient temperature is low enough, heat pump system will turn to four-way valve automatically, then the units begin to defrosting.

Air exchangers

The air exchangers(fins-coil) with hydrophilic coating have high efficient heat exchange, after salt fog testing, prove that these exchangers also have strong anti-corrosion feature.

Expansion valves

PHNIX adopt the world’s famous brand expansion valves, which control the volume of the refrigerant accurately and reduce energy consumption.

The above is the reason I recommend PHNIX heat pumps.

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