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Wow, PHNIX Year-End’s Massive Shipment!

Guangzhou - China, in the year-end of 2015 PHNIX, the world's leading heat pump manufacturer had a big increase in shipments, about 50 of container shipments were destined for Europe and North America. Reporters saw, one by one the containers continue to the marine dock in Guangzhou. In the past year, as one of the world's largest swimming pool heat pump suppliers, PHNIX product lines of high-end swimm-ing pool heat pump’s shipment volume maintained a steady upward trend. In PHNIX’ important overseas market of the European, shipments increased by 30 per cent over the same period last year, according to PHNIX executive in charge of the overseas business.


-The picture shows heat pumps ready for delivery

In the past year PHNIX specifically developed a number of high-end swimming pool heat pump product lines to put into North America, Europe, Middle East and other key markets. For example in the Middle East market,PHNIX researched and developed a large unit of vertical heat pump for local special climate conditions which took up most of the local market share, a PHNIX product manager said. 


It is understood that, as one of the world's largest suppliers of high-end swimming pool heat pumps, PHNIX remained a large cost of research and development over the past year, providing US and European high-end market with new product line of personalized and cost-effective heat pumps, such as inverter series, classic series, pioneer series etc. A whole series of new-style swimming pool heat pump won a big order of the European, North American markets.


-The picture shows heat pumps ready for delivery

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