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Why choose R32 Air to Water Heat Pump | Swimming Pool Heat Pump ?

Date: 2020-12-18 00:00:00 Hits: 3569

More than 60% of PHNIX heat pump products use R32 as refrigerant. The influence that the refrigerant do to the performance of the product is very critical. Not only does the refrigerant has to be stable, non-toxic, superior in performance, but also has to meet the requirement and environment rules of different countries. Last but not least, it has to be economic. 

R32 refrigerant is a perfect combination of energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and economic feasibility that drives the changing of the game in heat pump industry and has already raised an overwhelming upsurge in Europe market.

Environmental Friendly

R32 contributes greatly to the environment protection since R32 has a low GWP of 675 which is just 32% of R410A. Moreover, it does not deplete the ozone layer unlike R22 and has only 25% CO2 carbon consumption of R410A. 

Economic Feasibility

In the same heat pump system, with lower liquid density, the charge amount of R32 is less than that of R410A , which brings in higher economic efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

The heat needed to evaporate R32 is greater than that of R410A so that the required mass flow rate per unit is smaller and the COP is higher. 

Why choose R32 Air to Water Heat Pump | Swimming Pool Heat Pump ?