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PHNIX Launches R290 Swimming Pool Heat Pump Boasting Four Season Efficient Running

Date: 2022-08-16 00:00:00 Hits: 1376

PHNIX Launches R290 Swimming Pool Heat Pump Boasting Four Season Efficient Running

Guangzhou, China, August 16th 鈥 As a leader in heat pump industry, PHNIX always sticks to the route to green and sustainable solution. The new R290 i-GreenLine swimming pool heat pump, combining multiple excellent features, represents a significant milestone on this journey, while keeping the flexibility to cater for all seasons.

Using R290 Green Refrigerant

Sustainability Counts First. Global warming is the long-term warming of the planet鈥檚 overall temperature. The solution is obvious, humans need to reduce the amount of CO2 to get the balance back; however, getting to the solution is not so easy. Through continuous efforts, PHNIX achieves another major breakthrough in building decarbonization by bringing R290 i-GreenLine swimming pool heat pump to the global stage. With both low carbon emissions and low GWP, R290 is recognized as the most potential refrigerant in the industry, and its application is conducive to achieving the goal of global carbon neutrality and moving the needle on sustainability.

PHNIX Launches R290 Swimming Pool Heat Pump Boasting Four Season Efficient Running

If you want to swim whenever you want, then this heat pump is specially designed for you. Using state-of-the-art technologies, its performance stays excellent all year round to ensure users have access to nice swimming experience.

In Spring Season

The ambient temperature is around 15 degrees. Users can turn on Boost mode to increase the unit鈥檚 capability at 15 degrees to that at 27 degrees, making the heat pump more efficient. Meanwhile, Boost mode helps the unit to maintain strong and stable heating capacity.

In Summer Season

Both daylight hours and sunlight intensity reach maximum. With the Photovoltaic (PV) system, the unit can directly use the electricity that the solar panels produce through the sunlight, which would lower users鈥 energy bills. More surprisingly, the heat pump can achieve 100% free running when solar energy is the strongest in summer.

In Autumn Season

Leaves rustling, the wind brings a touch of coolness in autumn. Some European countries are already quite cold during this time. With the help of full inverter and anti-noise technology, users can swim without chill and annoyance as the unit runs smoothly and super quietly at full capacity.

In Winter Season

Continued warmth is important in winter. Users can totally rest assured with this radical heat pump. Merging the advanced full inverter technology and green R290 refrigerant, it can ensure optimal performance from -25鈩 to 43鈩. Even when the ambient temperature is -25鈩, the unit can still operate efficiently at -25掳C, maintaining high COP, reliable stability, and strong heating capacity for an indoor pool. In addition, the maximum outlet temperature is 45鈩 for SPA.

鈥淭he R290 i-GreenLine heat pump has many advantages, among which the four-season operation makes it gain great popularity in the global market. There is no doubt that it is a perfect choice for users around the world, allowing them to enjoy the fun of swimming in all seasons. We are more than pleased to see the market performance of this product in the world.鈥, according to the Howard Zhang, the director of PHNIX Swimming Pool Heat Pump Division.