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PHNIX Set to Showcase Cutting-edge Heat Pump Technology at 2024 AHR Expo

Date: 2024-01-19 00:00:00 Hits: 575

Guangzhou, January 5, 2024 - The annual AHR Expo, a leading HVACR event, is set to unfold in Chicago from January 22-24, 2024. Among the distinguished participants is PHNIX, a prominent player in heat pump technology. Boasting booth N1968, this marks their fourth consecutive appearance at the expo.

Innovative Showcase with VR Experience

PHNIX is breaking barriers with a novel approach to heat pump presentation 鈥 Virtual Reality (VR) experience. Visitors can wear VR glasses and immerse themselves in a simulated environment, exploring the allure of the R32 PolarisMax commercial heat pump which will be installed in a real-life setting. Meanwhile, visitors will discover its superior performance and innovative features, offering a taste of the future of commercial heating solutions. 

"As pioneers in the industry, our commitment to cutting-edge technology extends to how we present our products. The VR experience is just the beginning; we aim to leverage VR to showcase more products in the future, such as residential heating/cooling & hot water heat pumps," says a spokesperson for PHNIX.

PHNIX Set to Showcase Cutting-edge Heat Pump Technology at 2024 AHR Expo

Showcasing a Stellar Product Lineup

PHNIX's booth will feature a star-studded lineup, including the popular R32 Everest Series heating/cooling & hot water heat pump, the sophisticated R32 Premium Series air to water heat pump with a transparent luminescent casing, EasyHydro Module and Ultra-thin Water Fan Coil Unit 鈥 all contributing to an intelligent integrated residential heating/cooling and hot water solution. 

Noteworthy products include the R32 i-ForceLine Max Full Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump, R290 airExpert Series and airNova Series all-in-one Hot Water Heat Pump.

Insights from Industry Leaders

In addition to showcasing competitive products, PHNIX's Chairman Andrew Zong will be present to share insights into the future of the renewable energy industry. PHNIX heat pump experts will also be on hand for unraveling the complexities of heat pump technology.

PHNIX extends a warm invitation to both familiar faces and new acquaintances. The booth promises a comprehensive exploration of cutting-edge heat pump solutions and a firsthand opportunity to engage with industry leaders.