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PHNIX Heatspring Series Residential Heat Pump Water Heater Stands for High Cost Effectiveness and Flexibility

Date: 2018-01-12 00:00:00 Hits: 1893

Guangzhou, China, 12th January, 2018鈥擧eat Pump Water Heater manufacture PHNIX has launched an innovative series of water heater called HeatSpring series. It is revolutionarily designed to replace the traditional residential hot water applications in villas and apartments through PHNIX patented core technology aiming at providing every households with a more economic substitute.

鈥淗eatspring series stands for high cost effectiveness and flexibility.鈥 said PHNIX product manager, Mr.Liu Yuanhui. Heatspring series heat pump water heater, with wide heating capacity ranging from 3.8kW to 9.5kW can be connected with variable types of water tanks of suggested volume sizing from 100L to 800L and it can as well be combined with solar panel to further obtain a high energy savings of more than 60锛.

PHNIX has always dedicated in heat pump technology, well acknowledged in China鈥檚 heat pump manufacturing industry for technology innovation and keep bringing competitive products to better meet the market demand in different region of the world. 鈥 We implanted our patented core technology into this Heatspring series water heater to ensure a dependable performance. 鈥 Mr. Mr.Liu Yuanhui expressed. As to an annual industry research PHNIX HeatSpring series heat pumps are more outstanding in performance among other similar products in the market.

What makes Heatspring Series Heat Pump Water Heater special:

(1) High COP with PHNIX patented heat exchanger

Adapting PHNIX patented tube in shell heat exchanger, this series can reach high COP (Coefficient of Performance) of more than 4.0 under hot water conditions.

(2) PHNIX independently designed control system

Thanks to special technical team of more than 50 electrical engineers, those units are equipped with PHNIX own main controller as well as 5-inch colorful touch display, offering clients humanized and wonderful experience while using them.

(3) High efficient centralized controlling

RS485 protocol is adapted for the control system, allowing the units to work with centralized controller, which contributes to the high working efficiency.

(4) Wilo water pumps equipped for convenient installation and stable running

With well-known Wilo water pumps inside, the HeatSpring series heat pumps are convenient to be installed with stable running performance.

(5) Effective water disinfection

After deep market research, the mature disinfection controlling logic is established, keeping your hot water sanitary and effectively protecting your family from Legionella.

With the above features, PHNIX HeatSpring series heat pump water heaters are undoubtedly an outstanding alternative option for sanitary hot water application suitable for widely used in every family .