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PHNIX's Updated Domestic Water Heater APP Builds the Smart and Connected Home Life

Date: 2020-08-28 00:00:00 Hits: 4858

Guangzhou, China, Aug. 28, 2020 鈥 Flexible, fast, efficient, easy鈥 鈥攖he smart home solution based on the interconnection concept greatly lights up the family life. PHNIX鈥檚 step on the road of optimizing the user experience is always keeping forward. To create a better smart home life for users, PHNIX updates its smart water heater APP, Hitemp. As a considerate assistant for the smart home, the Hitemp APP, relying on the deeply optimized WIFI/4G-DTU connection technology, makes them find that connection can be so helpful and charming even in the common domestic sanitary hot water supply.


User 鈥 Water Heater Connection: Your On-Call Sanitary Hot Water Supplying Steward

The switch timers help users plan their life. The remote switch and temperature control functions anywhere and anytime provide more flexibility in case of emergencies. More than this, the notable point about Hitemp APP is the clear visualization of the current and historical running data collected by different accurate sensors inside the PHNIX water heater. Hitemp APP is just like a steward, who always tries his best to support your daily life, and report all he knows to you.

PHNIX's Updated Domestic Water Heater APP Builds the Smart and Connected Home Life

The picture shows the temperature control and the history temperature curves of the Hitemp APP.


User 鈥 the Service Provider Connection: A Quick Messenger

One of the goals of smart home tech is to save people's time from the trivia. Hitemp APP provides a one-click reporting button for the user to report the fault directly. As long as the user report the fault on the APP, the background system will present the information of the heater to the local service provider; thus, the users don鈥檛 need to spend time on the phone call or email communication anymore.


User 鈥 User Connection: A Common Platform for Sharing and Management

As long as one family member has his mobile device bound with PHNIX heater on Hitemp APP, other family members no need to repeat the rebind steps. Through the family share function, users can share the heaters of their accounts with the family member. Therefore, all the family members can know about the heater鈥檚 settings at the same time and manage all the heaters together. Even if you are not at home, you still can help your parents and children control the heaters.



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