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HeatSpring Series
HeatSpring Series
HeatSpring Series

HeatSpring Series

CE, CB certified, R134a refrigerant, COP 4.6

Hot Water up to 70 掳C

HeatSpring Series is a reliable, safe, and energy-saving product in the water heating industry for domestic & light commercial applications.

Split Type High-Temperature Hot Water Heat Pump.

20 Years Commercial Hot Water Heat Pump Manufacturer.

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Hot Water Tanks Selection

PHNIX not only provide 3.5kW, 5.5kW, 7.5kW three models in demand of domestic hot water consumption for residential & light commercial application but also offer the professional hot water tanks selection according to our rich experience that have been

proved by our partners & consultants over past years.

Hot Water Tanks Selection

Wide Operation Range

The HeatSpring Series can maintain stable and efficient performance in a wide ambient temperature from -7掳C to 45掳C, providing a wider range of applications for domestic & light commercial sanitary hot water heating.

Wide Operation Range

More Applications

鈻 Heat Pump With Electric Water Heater

The HeatSpring Series can provide sanitary hot water for shower and washing in domestic applications, and light commercial applications such as restaurants and salons.

In addition, it can be expanded for industrial water heating applications like milk tank cleaning and disinfection on dairy farms.

More Applications

鈻 Heat Pump With The Conventional Boiler

The HeatSpring Series can be operated for domestic hot water application in combination with various conventional boiler hot water systems like the gas boiler, coal boiler, and pellet boiler because the extended control system ensures that the heat pump unit is perfectly compatible with the existing boiler and works efficiently.

More Applications

鈻 Heat Pump With The Solar Hot Water System

The HeatSpring Series can be operated for domestic hot water application in combination with the solar hot water system because the extended control system can make sure that the heat pump unit works intelligently with the solar hot water system in all weather conditions throughout the year.

More Applications

High-Temperature Hot Water Supply

Being ahead of the average water heater on the market, the outlet water temperature of the HeatSpring Series is up to 70 掳C. Its high heating performance not only greatly fulfills the daily demand for sanitary hot water, but also constantly kills Legionella bacteria in the tank, adding safeguards to the health of family members.

High-Temperature Hot Water Supply

Reliable Components

HeatSpring Series uses high-efficiency DC motors. When working at a high ambient temperature, the DC motor can slow down the fan speed to reduce the evaporation and avoid overload of the compressor, which considerably saves energy. Additionally, the water pumps are from the global pump leader Grundfos. It's made of composite anti-corrosive material that has higher temperature resistance and longer service life.

Reliable Components

Intelligent Control

PHNIX's self-developed PCB can operate the heat pump unit in combination with other heat sources via Modbus RS485 meanwhile support various wired displays include LCD, LED, color touch display with significant functions like Fast Heating, Timer, PV-Ready and Remote upgradation etc.

Intelligent Control

Hot Water Capacity kW3.55.57.5
Power InputkW0.761.181.63
Hot Water VolumeL/h75118161
Max. Power InputkW0.91.42
Max. Running CurrentA4612
Water Flow Volumem3/h0.61.01.3
Water Pressure Dropkpa264053
Power SupplyV/Ph/Hz230V锝/50Hz

Compressor Quantity/1

Throttle Device/Electronic   expansion valve

Fan Quantity/1

Water Pump Quantity/1

Water Pump Brand/Grundfos   UPS015-60CIL2

Fan Motor InputW40

Water Connection/3/4   inch


Air Volumem3/h800路2000

Air Discharge Type/Horizontal

Max.Outlet Water Temp.70掳C

Operation Range-7掳C   ~ 45掳C

Condenser/PHNIX  Patented tube in Shell Heat Exchanger

Evaporator/Hydrophilic   Aluminum Finned Heat Exchanger with Special Coating /                   
     Gold and Blue Color for Option

Defrosting/4-Way   Valve

Controller/PHNIX   Mutil-function Controller

Display/LCD   dispaly
    锛 Display can be customized)


Cabinet/Mutil   Attractive Plastic Cabinets for Option

Net WeightKg465666
Gross WeightKg586878
Net Dimensions(L/W/H)mm1000*405*585

Shipping Dimensions(L/W/H)mm1130*435*615

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