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Introduction to Heat Green Series, New Commercial HVAC+ Hot Water Heat Pump—One Step Closer to the Greener Future

Date: 2023-04-20 00:00:00 Hits: 1942

Guangzhou, 20 April, 2023- Against the backdrop of climate change, energy shortage and energy sanction,  the world is committed to an accelerated shift towards renewable energy, of which air source is one major factor. The reason why people keep seeking extensive use of heat pump for heating, cooling and hot water is that it is one of the core field of revolution in energy and building sectors. In fact, boosted by European commitments and environmental regulations, numerous companies have launched various heat pump to the market, eager to gain ground in this battle against energy revolution.  So, here PHNIX is again, adding a new member to its R290 family —— Heat Green Series, commercial HVAC+ hot water heat pump.

Feature as High Efficiency and Energy Saving

Combining the natural R290 refrigerant and the full inverter technology, the units‘ ERP can reach A+++, lowering operation costs to save users’ energy bills. Normally, the controller of a commercial heat pump can operate 4 machines at most. However, for HeatGreen Series- with one controller, users can centrally control 16 large commercial heat pump machines all together. That is to say, this series makes easier management and brings higher efficiency. In summary, it is certainly a great companion for your demanding commercial project.

Expansion of Operation Range for More Potential

Air source heat pumps are at risk of inefficiency when operating in very cold weather conditions, so it is important to look at its performance in the environment under low temperature. The HeatGreen Series can work from -25℃ to 43℃. Also, it can supply hot water up to 75 ℃ without electric heating. This means that it is suitable and capable for users in extreme climes.

Smart  Management for Greater Convenience

Fitted with a plug-and-play 4G DTU module, the heat pump support daily management, after-sale management and premium service on the webplatform via the cloud server. Project managers and technicians can monitor and manage the heat pump at all times. Just to be clear, PHNIX's  DTU cloud server is located in Europe, so as to guarantee the security and stability of data transmission.

Last but not least, PHNIX HeatGreen Series, it is undergoing global certifications to meet the standard requirements of various markets, including CE, ERP, WMK, Keymark, MCS and so on.  Being such a world-class heating equipment, this Series is definitely a good choice for people looking for help from heat pumps.