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PHNIX to Meet You at BePositive 2023 with Its Next Generation Heat Pumps

Date: 2023-03-15 00:00:00 Hits: 1816

Guangzhou, 15th March 2023 - PHNIX is glad to announce its participation in the 2023 BePositive Expo from 21 to 23 March. Many leaders in the energy field congregate here to find or demonstrate their novel energy solutions, and PHNIX is one of them.

The BePositive Expo is held once a year, which is an excellent platform covered 4 exhibition sectors from new energy system to building solution. Given this factor, it attaches great importance and attracts worldwide attention as one of key events concerned with energy transition. Being an exhibitor, PHNIX is eager to show its ambition and determination for the energy field with its advanced heat pump and innovative PV system, including:


路 House Heating, Cooling+DHW Heat Pump:

R290/R32 Everest Series Air-to water Heat Pump

R290 GreenTherm Series Air-to water Heat Pump

R32 Heco Series Air-to water Heat Pump

Water Fan Coil Unit

Multi-functional Water Tank

EasyHydro Unit


路 All-in-one Heat Pump Water Heater

R290 airExpert Series 100L& 300L


路 Commercial Heat Pump Water Heating Solution

R290 HeatMaster Series Air-to-water Heat Pump with there different capacities


PHNIX to Meet You at BePositive 2023 with Its Next Generation Heat Pumps

On the show, PHNIX will present its new innovation- Comprehensive Green Energy Solution for Home. It is an energy management system that integrate the main heating units at home, including house heating, cooling+DHW heat pump, swimming pool heat pump and optionally the all-in-one heat pump water heater, which boast to maximize the efficiency of energy management of every home.


鈥淲e will bring a diverse portfolio of new and existing products to the show, delivering both cost and energy savings without sacrificing performance for our customers. All our products demonstrated at the show are a part of our effort and contribution to the global decarbonization goal. So taking part in this big event, the BePositive Expo, acts as a catalyst for our path to the destination, the goal. So here, we truly invites you to visit our booth at Hall 2.1, P22 and see our innovative showcases, which might be the solution that you've been looking for.鈥 said Jab, Vice Director of Overseas Sales & Marketing Department.