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PHNIX Undertakes Heat Pump Project For The Largest Chick Breeding Farm in Asia

Date: 2021-06-25 00:00:00 Hits: 2773

GUANGZHOU, China, June 23- Driven by the dual drive of green ecology and technological innovation in the times, modern agricultural farm dominated by eco-friendly energy are booming. Guangdong Yihao Egg Farm is a provincial-level modern agricultural farm. It adopts an innovative business mode with full environmental control system and automated farm management. It has made breakthroughs in the combination of heat pump technology and the innovative ideas of modern agriculture to build an enclosed-type chick breeding environment with constant temperature and zero emissions in the breeding stage. Yihao Egg Farm is now recognized as the largest chick breeding farm in Asia.


PHNIX Undertakes Heat Pump Project For The Largest Chick Breeding Farm in Asia


"After study, we decide to use heat pump system to provide constant temperature with the farm. When we are selecting a heat pump supplier, the maturity and the stability of its heat pump technology is all we care about." Said the person in charge of Yihao Egg Farm. "In the entire breeding process, the success of the brook of baby chicks is the most critical part. The constant temperature of the chick house is very important, and the temperature difference cannot exceed 1掳C.鈥


鈥淲hen the 2-3 days old chicks just enter the chick houses, the temperature in the house is required to be controlled at 35-37掳C. As time goes by, the temperature in the chick houses need to gradually drop to 20掳C. The chick breeding farm covers an area of 800 acres with a total of 21 chick houses. The overall chick breeding capacity is more than 1.8 million at the same time.鈥 according to the staff of the farm. 鈥淎fter several rounds of inspections on sample projects and comparison of heat pump suppliers, PHNIX stands out among many brands and won the bid for undertaking the heat pump constant temperature solution project for the farm.鈥

PHNIX Undertakes Heat Pump Project For The Largest Chick Breeding Farm in Asia


Heat Pump Constant Temperature Solution In The Chick Breeding Farm

The project uses 42 units of HeatStar series heat pumps with capacity of each up to 90kW. The heat pumps have been running stably, providing constant and ideal temperature for the farm since installation and commissioning. Compared with former heating system, with this new heat pump system, the annual operating cost is reduced by 50% according to calculation.


In traditional chicken farms, the heating device is mostly boiler, coal or oil heater with obvious disadvantages. Firstly, it causes serious air pollution to the environment. Secondly, the operating cost is extremely high which can become a huge burden to the running of the farm and greatly cut down the profit. Thirdly, the temperature of the chicken farm is not constant which can lower down the success rate in the brook of baby chicks.


From the beginning of the construction, Yihao Egg Farm aimed at using a new renewable heating device. 鈥淎ll chick houses in the farm are one floor buildings above ground with an average height of 6.7 meters. The external walls of the chicken coops are made of double-layer profiled steel plates with 100mm thick glass insulation wool structure. We comprehensively considered various factors such as envelope load, cold air penetration load, surface heat dissipation load and customized this comprehensive energy-saving heat pump solution for the farm." said PHNIX sales engineer in charge of the project.

 PHNIX Undertakes Heat Pump Project For The Largest Chick Breeding Farm in Asia

Under the global trend of carbon neutrality, countries around the world are actively organizing retrofit on heating device of building, transformation and upgrading of heavy industrial, agricultural and commercial industry. The selection of pollution-free, zero-emission clean energy has become the best option for modern agriculture. As a renewable clean energy, the popularity of heat pump is in line with the global trend of carbon neutrality.