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R290 i-GreenLine
R290 i-GreenLine
R290 i-GreenLine
R290 i-GreenLine
R290 i-GreenLine
R290 i-GreenLine
R290 i-GreenLine
R290 i-GreenLine
R290 i-GreenLine
R290 i-GreenLine
R290 i-GreenLine
R290 i-GreenLine

R290 i-GreenLine

New Inverter R290 Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Leading Technology& High COP& R290 Green Refrigerant

This innovative Pool Heat Pump applies R290 refrigerant for the very FIRST time. PHNIX is the leading enterprise in the heat pump industry to apply R290 refrigerant to swimming pool heat pumps thanks to its edgy technology.


2022 piscine global Exhibitor, leading pool heat pump manufacturer.

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Multiple Appearance and Capacity For Option

i-GreenLine Ultra & i-GreenLine X

Multiple Appearance and Capacity For Option

 i-GreenLine Pro & i-GreenLine Iron

Multiple Appearance and Capacity For Option

Noise Reduction Technology

PHNIX dedicates to creating a super quiet running environment for users. R290 pool heat pump adopts multiple noise reduction technologies, every product has been repeatedly tested and optimized.

Noise Reduction TechnologyNoise Reduction Technology

Wave Screw less Appearance Design

Elegant Wave Screw-free Design-more of a textural touch at first sight.

With an optimized design of a wavy screwless cabinet, the appearance of the unit is neat and easy. The dynamic smooth line design creates a sense of beauty.

Wave Screw less Appearance Design

PHNIX Self-developed Driver Board

* Full Model Range

PHNIX swimming pool heat pump has a full model range covering from domestic to commercial applications. In China, an inverter swimming pool heat pump has been successfully applied on commercial occasions.

*Remotely Software Update

If there is any error happens in the software, PHNIX can do the remote service by updating the software online. And when the software has a new version with function upgraded, as long as PHNIX gotyour permission, the software update can be done remotely.

*Self-designed Driver Board Control Logic

To ensure PHNIX鈥檚 product with the more stable operation and longer service life, PHNIX鈥檚 swimming pool heat pump product uses its self-design driver board with its unique control logic which enables a more suitable running condition for its compressor.

*Centralized Control

Each PHNIX heat pump uses the power board and current sampling module with the most innovative technology.

*Self-designed Structure

The unique structure of each PHNIX heat pump can perfectly match with the heat pump itself and very convenient for its after-sales service as well.

PHNIX Self-developed Driver Board

Full Inverter Technology

Unlike a traditional heat pump with a single-speed compressor which by switching on and off periodically to adjust the performance of the heating & cooling, a full inverter heat pump uses a variable-speed compressor that can automatically adjust the output needed at the lowest consumption of power and maintain the best temperature at different climatic conditions. When the heating demand is high, the inverter compressor and the fan motor will start running at a high speed, inversely, they will run at a low speed.

ost savings.Full Inverter Technology

Full Inverter Technology

Four Season Running

Spring Season

i-GreenLine R290 full-inverter pool heat pump adopts advanced and self-developed full inverter technology. It is also worth noting that R290 pool heat pump (12kw) can achieve manual frequency adjustment based on personal needs and the unit has no heating capacity recession from 27鈩 to 15鈩. Meanwhile, the user can turn on鈥 Boost鈥 mode, maintaining a strong and stable heating capacity all year round.

Four Season Running

Summer Season

i-GreenLine R290 full-inverter pool heat pump adopts self-developed driver boards, the unit is highlighted with a central control system as an RS485 port and Modbus protocol is designed for communications in every unit. Furthermore, all machines have PV-Ready function. Ultra R290 pool heat pump can connect with Photovoltaic (PV) system and directly use the electricity generated during operation. It can achieve 100% free running when solar energy is the strongest in summer.

Four Season Running

Autumn Season

With the help of anti-noise technology of fan motor and compressor, the unit can run smoothly and super quietly even if it works at full capacity. The sound pressure is kept to as low as 34- 43.5 dB(A) at 1-meter distance, providing an entirely quiet and relaxing swimming environment. Moreover, R290 pool heat pump can maintain the highest COP of 11 during 50%-load operation, reflecting an obvious advantage in energy conservation and high efficiency.

Four Season Running

Winter Season

Merging the advanced full inverter technology with green R290 refrigerant, R290 pool heat pumps can ensure optimal performance from -25鈩 to 43鈩, which can run safely and reliably all year round. More significantly, the unit can operate efficiently at -25掳C, maintaining high

COP, reliable stabilityand strong heating capacity for an indoor pool. In addition, the maximum outlet temperature is 45鈩 for SPA.

Four Season Running

Smart Touch Display

Smart Display Easily to Reach Multiple Functions

*Silent mode    *Boost mode    *Start up to be PV-READY    *Start up flowmeter    *Running status curve    *Failure list

Smart Touch Display


PHNIX has always been committed to the concept of green environmental protection, and actively shoulders the responsibility of energy conservation and environmental protection. With both low carbon emissions and low GWP, R290 is recognized as the most potential refrigerant in the industry, and its application is conducive to achieving the goal of global carbon neutrality.

The value of COP is based on the ambient temperature at -25鈩, -15鈩, 15鈩, and 27鈩, ensuring the unit can run efficiently all year round.

PHNIX has always been committed to the concept of green environmental protection, and actively shoulders the responsibility of energy conservation and environmental protection. With both low carbon emissions and low

GWP, R290 is recognized as the most potential refrigerant in the industry, and its application is conducive to achieving the goal of global carbon neutrality.

With the application of the most cutting-edgy technology and modern design, the R290 inverter pool heat pump undoubtedly meet stringent requirements for efficiency, stability and quietness. Both the R290 eco-friendly refrigerant and the inverter technology has contributed to i-GreenLine Ultra range awarded the A++ label. The top energy rating A++ means that the unit is energy-efficient and can greatly reduce energy cost for users.


Production and Manufacturing Requirements for R290 Refrigerant

1 Production Processes锛圧efrigerant Charging锛

* Employees must pass the qualification assessment for key positions and work with the certificates.

* Check the effectiveness of refrigerant charging equipment and ventilation facilities at a fixed time every day.

* Set up static elimination facilities to discharge static electricity from the human body before entering the work area.

* Before charging R290 refrigerant, make sure that the ventilation and exhaust system and combustible gas detector in the charging area are turned on, and that each air outlet is ventilated smoothly.

* An obvious danger source identification line must be drawn within a radius of 3m around the charging machine placement area and the refrigerant charging area. It is forbidden to use open flames, pyrotechnics and high-temperature items (such as hot-melt welding guns, etc.) within this range, and it is not allowed to use a grinder for grinding.

2 Laboratory Testing

Based on the flammability characteristics of R290 gas, PHNIX built up several anti-explosion labs to ensure safer and higher-quality R290 heat pumps. The lab is specially designed with multiple complicated devices, including explosion-proof fans, circuits and other specific anti -explosion equipments, ventilation device, R290 concentration detection probes and automatic alarm systems. In addition, preventing static electricity is one of the important measures to ensure safety. Static electricity removal devices are installed and anti-static rubber is laid in the laboratory and

production lines, where employees need to eliminate static electricity before entering. In particular, experimenters should wear anti-static clothing and shoes.

Protective Measures for R290


* Warehouses must be ventilated

* R290 leak alarm system must be installed

* Fire and explosion hazard signs must be affixed

* Appropriate fire extinguishers must be equipped


*Fire extinguishers are required for transport equipment

*Avoid sparks, smoking and other sources of ignition

*Vertical transport to prevent dumping and collision


* Professional staff is required for installation

* Must be installed outdoors

* Keep away from fire


* Must have professional staff to carry out

* After-sales maintenance

Protective Measures for R290

R290 Refrigerant

R290 refrigerant has an extremely low GWP value (GWP=3), showing a minimal impact on the global-warming effect and playing a positive role in going carbon-neutral.

The Feature of R290 Refrigerant

*  Stable running at -25鈩 ambient temperature.

* The max outlet water temperature can be up to 75鈩.

* Stable operation: R290 operates stably at low ambient temperature, and can reach the same level of R32 EVI product at ultra-low temperature.

* Strong cooling capacity: The cooling capacity of R290 is better than that of R32, which is 103%-105% of the cooling capacity of the same R32 product.

* Small refrigerant charge: For heat pump with the same capacity, the refrigerant charge of R290 is 20% less than that of R32 refrigerant and 30% less than that of R410A refrigerant.

R290 Refrigerant

R290 i-GreenLine

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